Nursery Rhyme

Anonymous asked: For the hallucinations, splash yourself in the face with water to keep you alert!



w-wait, is this even wa ̷t e r̡ ?̨

ask-swashbuckle asked: *sneaks behind Nursery* Boo!



vvmod asked: Whoa, you all right there? You seem tired.


I-I can’t sleep like this-

I-I, um, closed my ask box. There were a lot of, um, messages from everypony. I’ll…I’ll reopen it again when I’ve cleared it out a little, okay? Keep an eye out for that…p-please.

Anonymous asked: M!a you become an adolescent with anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, depression, ADHD, and severe incidental seizures for five posts. Good luck! You will really need it *creepy smiles back into the darkness*


Wh-what’s going on?? Wh-why am I-?

Anonymous asked: hey doc, do you know of any ways to help improve eye sight?


Other than corrective laser eye surgery, there is no real way to improve your eyesight naturally. You can definitely slow or practically prevent eye problems through a diet abundant of carrots, sweet potatoes, eggs, leafy greens, etc, eye exercises to help your focus, and resting your eyes after reading for a long while.

Anonymous asked: Are you a girl or boy?



Anonymous asked: Who is your favorite patient? :3


I don’t have one. My patients are all their own ponies - it would be childish to pick a favorite.

Anonymous asked: At what age do you send colts to a regular physician?


Eighteen! Well, I suggest eighteen, but when you’ve had one doctor your whole life, you’re kind of comfortable with that one, you know? I haven’t had a patient that long yet since I’m so new to this, but I hear other pediatricians will have patients until they’re twenty-one, even!

sparksreplies asked: what's her special talent or hobbies?


Slim Gym’s? Oh, she’s a big sports junkie. Basketball, baseball, dodgeball, everything, she’s always had a knack for. She’s a PE coach at a high school because of it! She’s all about fitness, like me, but she’s always surpassed me when it comes to it, haha ^^;