thedeathalicorn asked: My son fractured his wing towards the base. I was told to come here instead of the ER.


Oh gosh, who told you to come to me instead of the ER!? They obviously didn’t know what they were talking about! I can maybe make a temporary brace, but no one in my clinic is certified to do surgery. I can take an x-ray, but you really should have just gone to the ER, despite what they said!

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Track Name: Nursery Rhyme
Artist: Eoin Morrison
Play Count: 228 plays


Nursery Rhyme’s voice has been chosen! Congratulations, Eoin, and thank you for auditioning! Your voice is perfect for him!

ask-thaumaturge-pony asked: Does the doctor believe in miracles?


I do! I’ve heard of miracles happening all the time in hospitals. I’ve never had one really happen to me, but I’ve heard enough stories to believe.

Besides, life is a miracle in itself, eh?

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askinquiry asked: My my Dr.Rhyme, it sure has been a while. In the time since we've last spoke have you had any other fawn patients? You see, I was wondering if I could make you my dear Flora's go-to doctor. She did seem to take a liking to you.


I’ve had a few other fawn patients, but none like Flora! She seems to be a completely different SPECIES from the others!


Wait just a minute…weren’t you brown last time?

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(Sorry I have to respond to ask this way~^^)
Anon: You say that Nursery Rhyme is the best pediatrician you know. Do you have have a form of relation ship with him? I think you both look alike

Carrie: oh! Uhh..hello. I was actually about to leave me office. But t’I guess I could answer this question.
Mr. Nursery Rhyme and I have barley had a conversation let t’alone a “form of relationship”. If we’ve every really talked before, it ‘twas more than likely under profession terms. The only informal conversation I remember having with him was an apology last time I see him for me god children’s uhh….”misuse” of their fire. I don’t t’even think you would count the time I ask about his field of study or degree…If I had to define our relationship now it t’would be acquaintances and barely even that.

When I said that t’he was the “best pediatrician I know” it ‘twas both the truth and a compliment. Nursery Rhyme is very great t’at t’what he does and, even though they gave him minor burns, me godchildren loved him. I’m sure he’s dealt t’with much much worse… Also why do you think we look alike?? p>

So yes, Anon. If you want to be technical, I do have a form of relationship with Nursery Rhyme ^^…… -_- just nawt the type you’re talking about I presume. Now I really must me going. I’d be happy to answer more questions when I’m back.



Definitely that time we came across a pod of whales! They were so beautiful…

Definitely something I’ll never forget. ((I spent a lot more time making this update than I usually have time for nowadays. Could you tell? XD))

Morning reblog for all the Americans who probably missed it in the July 4th celebrations.


Ask-nursery-rhyme asks; Has anyone ever told you that you have a striking resemblance to big mac?

Sparks; no, but thanks for the comparison. If it’s about the color of my coat then it’s really orange. If you mean build then…ok. I find it a compliment to be compared to a strong stallion like him.

Mod; actually he was based of breaburn. Hopefully sparks will be getting a new friend. Also sorry for the misspelling and thank you for the ask. Also I might be drawing out asks so long as they’re appropriate. If not then it will be just a name or the ask will be put below the image.

It’s mostly the color :)


The gang’s all here!

(Trigger Happy got the most votes, so I ended up drawing a bunch of characters that I plan on including in his blog, once I make it! I’m really excited!)

(Hey, everyone! Mod here!

So, after the 1k subscriber video is done for Nurse, I was thinking about putting this blog on hiatus and doing one of four options. I just need your help deciding on what I should do! I’m okay with any of them - I just need to know what you all are most interested in!

1.) Bring ask-mallowcup out of hiatus!

For those of you unaware, Mallowcup is basically me as a pony! She’s a tiny unicorn with a bit of an unhealthy obsession with marshmallows! Though her “special talent” is making treats out of marshmallows, she a multifaceted pony who draws, voice acts, and cosplays as well!

2.) Start a Prince Verity askblog!

I’ve mentioned this Alicorn Prince before, but never gave him any backstory. He rules his kingdom alongside his brother, Prince Sneak. Together they keep the balance of Truth and Deceit in check - Verity being the Prince of Truth, Sneak the Prince of Deceit.

3.) Start a Trigger Happy askblog!

Trigger is, as his name implies, Trigger Happy! His special talent is practically perfect accuracy. He uses this to his advantage, along with his itchy trigger finger, living on the streets in the slums. He’ll do anything for his “Band of Queens”, as he calls them, and considers them family, seeing as he lost his biological family when he was just a colt.

4.) Start a Gigabyte askblog!

Gigabyte is the baby brother of askprosecutie. Contrary to his Casanova of a brother, Gigi is very shy, nervous little guy. His special talent is with electronics and programming. He started off as a secretary at a psychologists’ office for children, working on the company’s website and such. He worked there so long and got to know the colts and fillies who stopped by all the time, he got attached to them. He then decided he wanted to go to school and become a psychologist.

So, what would you all be most interested in?