Updated my pricing information with commissions! It’s a lot less confusing now! (totally didn’t steal Prosecutie’s layout coughcoughasjflk)

If you’d like to commission me, just ask me through fanmail and we’ll work everything out. Thanks a bunch, you guys!

Heyyyy guys, so I’m currently working full-time, but apparently, that’s not enough to even pay for my bills. At all. And even if I canceled my health insurance, I’d only have $75 left over to pay for gas, maybe. So that’s nice.

So if you guys could help out with this, that’d be cool. Because I uh. Yeah. I’m going to try and find another job but I can’t exactly do that working at a full-time one already?? It’s REALLY hard to find a job that pays well enough without having a college degree and there’s no way in hell i have enough money to go to college, and that shit doesn’t even help anyway HAHA.

so yeah, please help and even if you don’t have that much or can’t give that much and just want a what the fuck ever doodle or some shit, that’s cool. i literally don’t care. also, i can do talksprites and shit like this.

So if you’d like little animations or anything, we can discuss prices and things! I’m not the best animator, obviously, but I can do simple things.

askdukepony asked: So what would be the "appropriate" height to drop a pony from if I wanted to get information out of them, but not seriously hurt them? I'm... Writing a book, yeah, a book.

Well…that’s a very tricky question. It all depends on weight, weight DISTRIBUTION, angle, even WEATHER can affect somepony’s fall. Height is a very small factor when it comes to falling. In fact, you could be a very light weight, fall only a short distance, and end up snapping your neck if you fall the right way, or you could be a very heavy weight, fall a TREMENDOUS amount of distance, and be completely fine after the fall!

You might want to look for a different method of torture for your, um…


barely-a-tone asked: How was it going through med school? Was it as hellacious as people make it out to be?

It’s very long, and takes a LOT of dedication, and you generally don’t sleep…

but! The subjects I studied were INCREDIBLY fascinating, so I enjoyed every step of the way, no matter how grueling.

ask-ickle-mod asked: Ickle Muse: So Doctor, what sort of problems do you see in most of your pegasus foals? Improperly set wing bones, molting, feather patches?


Pegasus-specific problems I see the most of is molting - a natural occurrence that happens due to the change of seasons, but seems to go erratic when pegasi go through puberty, due to hormonal levels sky-rocketing. Sometimes, young pegasi molt due to stress as well.

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Rainbow Dash telling it like it is. Full video here.

(hey! mod here! sorry I haven’t updated in a while. things have been pretty “eh” lately, and i’m just trying to straighten everything out in my head. i finally started that rainbow dash vlog i mentioned a while back, so check that out if you like! i’ll hopefully be updating this blog for real on monday! see you guys then!)

sparksreplies asked: Out of all your staff who is the best dancer?

DEFINITELY Nurse Nightglow. There’s hardly a time she’s seen NOT dancing. Even if there’s no music to be heard!

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asknoxthepony asked: How long have you been working in the medical field for?

Let’s see…almost a year now, I think…

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chibichild asked: 25

25: Who is your role model?

As a kid, I really wanted to be someone like Dr. Whooves. Either that, or Bill Nye.

ask-acepony asked: Have you ever had a patient that was a changeling in disguise?

I’ve had changeling patients, but never one that disguised themself. Besides, you can always tell if they’re a changeling by their shadow.

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princess-seraphia asked: Could you give us some back story?


Backstory? Uh, sure…where do I begin…


…well, I guess I could start with my parents. My mom’s a chemist, and my dad’s an ‘adventurer’, he likes to call it. He’s a naturalist, actually. Me and my sis call him Nigel Thornberry constantly.image

After finishing up med school, I left Caneighda to come to Equestria and become a doctor. I heard that doctors get paid better in Baltimare, so it only seemed reasonable.image

I’m not going to lie - it took me a while to adjust. I came from a very quiet country, and Baltimare’s a very bustling, busy city. It’s quite the culture shock, and very stressful. The ponies here are very different.


But that’s not to say I haven’t met any amazing ponies here, as well. In the past year, I’ve made more friends than I ever did back in Caneighda, and, well…


…that’s something to be proud of, eh? I think I’ve adjusted well over the past year!

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