sparksreplies asked: Out of all your staff who is the best dancer?

DEFINITELY Nurse Nightglow. There’s hardly a time she’s seen NOT dancing. Even if there’s no music to be heard!

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asknoxthepony asked: How long have you been working in the medical field for?

Let’s see…almost a year now, I think…

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chibichild asked: 25

25: Who is your role model?

As a kid, I really wanted to be someone like Dr. Whooves. Either that, or Bill Nye.

ask-acepony asked: Have you ever had a patient that was a changeling in disguise?

I’ve had changeling patients, but never one that disguised themself. Besides, you can always tell if they’re a changeling by their shadow.

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princess-seraphia asked: Could you give us some back story?


Backstory? Uh, sure…where do I begin…


…well, I guess I could start with my parents. My mom’s a chemist, and my dad’s an ‘adventurer’, he likes to call it. He’s a naturalist, actually. Me and my sis call him Nigel Thornberry constantly.image

After finishing up med school, I left Caneighda to come to Equestria and become a doctor. I heard that doctors get paid better in Baltimare, so it only seemed reasonable.image

I’m not going to lie - it took me a while to adjust. I came from a very quiet country, and Baltimare’s a very bustling, busy city. It’s quite the culture shock, and very stressful. The ponies here are very different.


But that’s not to say I haven’t met any amazing ponies here, as well. In the past year, I’ve made more friends than I ever did back in Caneighda, and, well…


…that’s something to be proud of, eh? I think I’ve adjusted well over the past year!

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thedeathalicorn asked: My son fractured his wing towards the base. I was told to come here instead of the ER.


Oh gosh, who told you to come to me instead of the ER!? They obviously didn’t know what they were talking about! I can maybe make a temporary brace, but no one in my clinic is certified to do surgery. I can take an x-ray, but you really should have just gone to the ER, despite what they said!

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Nursery Rhyme’s voice has been chosen! Congratulations, Eoin, and thank you for auditioning! Your voice is perfect for him!

ask-thaumaturge-pony asked: Does the doctor believe in miracles?


I do! I’ve heard of miracles happening all the time in hospitals. I’ve never had one really happen to me, but I’ve heard enough stories to believe.

Besides, life is a miracle in itself, eh?

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askinquiry asked: My my Dr.Rhyme, it sure has been a while. In the time since we've last spoke have you had any other fawn patients? You see, I was wondering if I could make you my dear Flora's go-to doctor. She did seem to take a liking to you.


I’ve had a few other fawn patients, but none like Flora! She seems to be a completely different SPECIES from the others!


Wait just a minute…weren’t you brown last time?

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